Listed below are some of the basic consumer rights and obligations of consumers of communication services.

Timely, Accurate Bills and Redress

the right to accurate and understandable bills for products and services they authorized and to fair prompt redress for problems they may have with the bills or that may arise during use of those products or services

High Quality, Reliable Service

the right to high quality, reliable service from both service providers and the regulator reflected through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) developed to meet identified needs.

Basic Information

The right to basic publicly offered communication service on fair terms of service and at reasonable rates that reflect the cost of the service upon fulfillment of requisites for offering such services.

Consumer Education

the right to be educated or made aware of communication consumer rights, and how to enforce those rights.


the right, when the choice is available, to affirmatively select their telecommunications provider and services.


the right to lawful personal privacy and should be protected against unauthorized access to or use of their personal conversation or information.

Consumer advocacy Groups

the right to seek support from local or national consumer advocacy groups with grievances that are not being adequately resolved by their service providers.

Fairness and non-discrimination

the right to expect a fair treatment without undue discrimination from their service providers.


the right to safety and security of their persons or property.

Market abuse

the right to be protected from market abuses such as unfair trade practices, including false and misleading advertising and anti-competitive behavior.

Responsive Regulator

the right to a responsive regulator that is proactively looking out for their interests and takes into account the needs and values of consumers.

Emergency Services

the right to access free localized emergency services.