Connect A Constituency Project

Connect a constituency project aims at providing a seamless ICT connectivity across constituencies in Malawi. The project adopts a community-based approach whereby local leaders and the community play a key role in site selection, mobilization of local resources as well supervision of construction and finally management of the operations of the telecentre.

The telecentres shall be constructed in all the 193 constituencies in Malawi. Currently phase one (1) and two (2). The Authority shall embark on phase 3 of the project development and management of 30 telecentres.

The project provides ICT equipment in the telecentres and use low cost computing devices that can be sustained in the rural communities.  Where possible, the project uses green technology.  In addition to provision of ICT equipment, local management committee (LMC) is equipped with the necessary skills in order for the communities to take fully manage the Telecentres.

Overall Telecentres are a haven for ICT development, learning and utilization of Internet to advance the socio-economic livelihood of the citizenry.

Connect A School Project

Connect a school project aims at building ICT systems and infrastructure in public schools. The established computer laboratories provide a platform for learning and acquisition of advanced knowledge and data among learners and teaching staff. 

The Government of Malawi realizes the importance of connecting educational institutions to the Internet platform and as such has included access to ICTs in the ICT Policy which specifically puts deliberate policy and interventions to integrate ICTs in service delivery within the education institutions. The government has several other initiatives aimed at connecting schools with the internet which includes Last Mile Connectivity which has connected 145 schools and colleges in the country.

Connecting schools provides many benefits including access to an ever-growing volume of educational information, opportunities for collaboration and the use of online applications. It is important for students and   teachers to learn information and communication technology skills to enable them participate in the evolving knowledge society. School connectivity also enhances educational administration through the electronic exchange of forms, data and other information. It also achieves cost efficiencies by automating manual tasks and reducing expenses associated with textbook printing and distribution. Specifically, remote schools benefit more whereby access to the internet is used as the vehicle for online learning, transfer of knowledge and skills and access to educational content. School connectivity programs can also be leveraged as vehicles to provide connectivity to marginalized and vulnerable groups, such as persons with disabilities, the elderly, the unemployed.

MACRA provides computers, photocopiers, printers, binding and laminating machines to educational institutions.

Connect A Library Project

Libraries provide a beehive of data and books for knowledge enrichment.  The internet is a repository of billions of contents relevant in all the sectors. The Authority shall connect three regional library houses in Malawi in initial phase.

The libraries shall be provided with computer equipment and connected to the internet to enhance online reading and promote e-learning among Malawians. Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu shall be targeted to roll out connect a library initiative.

Macra Office Project

MACRA intends to construct state of the art office complex to house all staff and enhance service delivery targeted at its clientele. The office complex shall be built at Chichiri Campus along Kasungu Crescent.It is expected that construction shall complete within 2022/2023 fiscal year.

The new facility shall house Network Operating Centre (NOC) for CERT and CIRMs.

Forensic Laboratory For Malawi Police Service

The Authority is supporting design, supervision and construction of purpose-built forensic laboratory for Malawi Police Services. The laboratory shall be installed with high tech equipment that shall assist the Police resolve highly technical cases using electronic devices and Information Technology. The laboratory shall be constructed at Malawi Police Headquarters and is expected to completed  within the 2020/2021 fiscal year.