The Malawi Communications Authority amongst other responsibilities develops and administers the National Electronic Numbering resources and provides guidelines on allocation and use of numbering resources.

Therefore, the Authority is empowered to develop the country’s National Numbering Plan for the Malawian telephone network (both fixed and wireless) and ensuring the allocation of unique national numbers to each subscriber connected to the network. Besides administering the subscriber numbers, the Authority also manages the allocation of Signaling Point Codes for the operators.

The National Numbering Plan provides, more importantly, a uniform dialing procedure for the following types of calls:

  • Local Calls
  • National Long Distance Calls
  • International Calls
  • Calls to Emergency and Special services independent of where the call is originating from in the country.

The number plan has enormous benefits which among others include:

  • To Promote efficient management of National Electronic Numbering resources
  • To create equal access, transparency and fair competition
  • To enhance consumer protection
  • To help reduce complaints of Unsolicited Electronic Communications
  • To track source of all Electronic Communications
  • To help the public access social services such as Fire, Police, Ambulance etc.