The Women and Girls in Cyber-Africa has ended with a call for the Malawi Government to finalize the National Digitalization Policy

MACRA Director General Daud Suleman made the call during his closing remarks. “… I would like to call upon the government of Malawi to finalize the adoption of The National Digitalization policy which is a cornerstone to our efforts and to all activities that we are doing so that as we move forward we do have one designed direction that we are all pushing towards,” Suleman said.

To the women participants at the conference, Suleman said it was his hope that the conversations that have started will proceed as women’s participation in Cyber and digitalization is a key element to the development saying: “A country cannot move forward if it does not create specific and deliberate platforms where women and girl child are given the space for them to showcase skills and abilities in the new era of digitalization.”

The conference was officially opened by the First Lady, Her Excellent Madam Monica Chakwera.