The Minister of information commends community radio station

As part of the familiarization tour of the ministry of information Hon. Gospel Kazako visited radio Islam to appreciate the work which community radio stations play in educating and informing the nation.

Speaking at the function which was held at Radio Islam premise Hon Kazako said that the tour was part of his duty as a minister responsible for ICT to provide policy guidance and direction as well as technical assistance.

“It is very imperative as a government that we have a citizen that is well informed, one of the ways to achieve this is through community radio stations such as radio Islam because radio still remains the number one source of information in this country. As a listening government we shall continue to render technical support to the broadcasting industry through various projects aimed at addressing challenges in the broadcasting sector including laying fiber and transmitter across the country, review of the National ICT policy and any regulations that hinder broadcasters from providing effective services to the people. I implore you to continue educating the nation and providing information that is impartial and where necessary offer constructive criticism that will develop our country” he stated.

Currently radio Islam plans on expanding its reach with the aim that it can assessed across the country.

Hon. Kazako interacting with officials from his ministry and MACRA
The Minister being interviewed by the media