MDBNL signal off in the southern part of Malawi

Most parts of the Southern region are not able to access the Malawi Digital Broadcast Network Limited (MDBNL) signal due to the devastating impact of Cyclone Freddy that has destroyed communications infrastructure causing intermittent services and outages of services in many parts of the country.

According to MACRA’s ETOC broadcasters report, the Zomba site and Microwave link to Ndirande are down and the sites are unreachable due to damaged roads.

“Ndirande link has shifted but we cannot go up to adjust because the road is inaccessible,” explains Chief Executive Officer for MBDNL Mr. Dennis Chirwa.

While for Zomba, Mr. Chirwa says there is a power outage but no one can go to the site to refuel the generator because of the damaged road.

“Will try to work on the road in coordination with other operators to ensure that sites are accessible,” he said.

MDBNL is a public entity mandated to distribute signal for all content service providers.