Malawi to review the National ICT policy and Digital Broadcasting policy

The Ministry of information with technical support from the department of E-Government, MACRA and MBDNL is in the process of reviewing the National ICT policy and the Malawi Digital Broadcasting policy.

Speaking at a working session which was held in Mangochi the Minister of Information Hon Gospel Kazako said the review of the two policies was needed as early as yesterday as their 5 year implementation period came to a close in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

“The review process will align the two policies with the legal framework provided for in the communications Act and the Electronic and Cyber Security Act, as well as address the issues of emerging technologies and various technical advancement in the ICT sector. The policies are set to analyze and address ICT gaps in the industry, act as a guide to service providers as well as level the playing field for all actors in the sector” Kazako said.

The working session moved to form two task forces which will be working concurrently to review the National ICT policy and the Digital Broadcasting policy respectively with a timeline of June 2021 as the deadline.

The task force are comprised of technocrats and experts from the Ministry of Information, MACRA, MBDNL and the Department of E-government.

the Minister of Information, Hon. Gospel Kazako