Malawi revises the National Numbering Plan and drafts Numbering fee schedule

The Regulator met with key stakeholders from mobile network and telecommunication operators and value added service providers to present the revised National Numbering Plan and the draft Numbering Fee schedule before gazetting.

The Authority had called on relevant stakeholders to comment on the proposed revision to the Numbering Plan and the Draft fee schedule. the meeting was therefore aimed at presenting the final response from the Regulator on the comments from the stakeholders.

Speaking at the function the acting Director General Henry Silika said the revised Numbering Plan will facilitate harmonisation of calls to emergency and special services independent of where the call is originating from within the country; promote efficient management of National Electronic Numbering Resources; create equal access and enhance consumer protection.

participants at the meeting
Acting Director General for MACRA Henry Silika giving the welcoming remarks
MACRA’s deputy director technology and standards addressing a concern that was raised in the meeting