MACRA finalizes Consultations on draft Content Regulations with Stakeholders

MACRA has finalized consultations on draft Content regulations with stakeholders in the Broadcasting industry in the country.

The aim of these regulations is to ensure an effective and vibrant broadcasting industry.

Speaking when she officially opened the final consultation meeting in Lilongwe, MACRA board director Mrs. Malla Kawale said the Authority noted that despite having the Communications Act 2016, there were still some gaps that needed to be addressed and that the Authority hopes that these Rules and Regulations are key in this process.

A similar meeting was also conducted in Blantyre within the week.

Apart from these consultations, MACRA has also received written submissions through it’s website.

The meeting was also accessed through online participation for those who were not able to attend physically.

The Communications Act mandates the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) to ensure that as far as it is practicable, reliable and affordable communication services are provided throughout the country.