MACRA encourages key sectors to develop sectoral CERTS

Experts in cyber security from the 3 critical information sectors of the country including government, banking and the telecommunication industry were trained in cyber security incident handling in a bid to encourage the key sectors to develop sectoral computer emergency response teams (CERT)

The training was organized by MACRA which is home to the national emergency computer response team (mwCERT) with the aim of equipping the key sectors with the correct information which will help them to mobilize themselves so they can best deal with cyber security threats unique to a respective sector.

The Authority noted that there was a gap in terms of information sharing when it comes to cyber threats attacking a particular sector.

Speaking at the workshop MACRA’s acting head of mwCERT Christopher Banda emphasized the importance of coordinated response in dealing with cyber threats affecting a certain industry.

“We have noted that hackers or perpetuators of cybercrimes launch a similar attack on different entities in the same sector, due to lack of communication and a coordinated response these perpetrators usually succeed with one or two of the entities in the sector, we encourage you all to form sectoral CERTs that deal with various cyber-attacks and incidents occurring within your respective sectors”. 

The principal secretary for E-Government Francis Bisika officially opened the workshop and assured the gathering of the continued support from government in terms of cyber security ensuring that both organizations and consumers are safe online.

participants pose for a group photograph

part of the mwCERT team.