MACRA donates one million Kwacha to Mulanje Conservation Trust

MACRA has donated K1m to Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust (MMCT). The donation will go towards reforesting the mountain with Mulanje cedar.

Receiving the donation, MMCT Executive Director Carl Bruessow said the donation will make a substantial difference as it will help the trust to buy 4000 trees.

“We are very happy that MACRA has come in with this donation and we hope that more organizations will follow suite. So far we have received a total of K10m.

“We will continue to look for more support to raise K75m which will help us plant between 300,000 and 350,000 trees for us to finish the project,” said Bruessow.

He said the trust will continue planting the Mulanje Cedar, which is Malawi’s national tree, so that the whole country not just communities around Mulanje can start benefiting again from the tree.

On her part, MACRA Communications Manager Clara Mwafulirwa said MACRA is aware of the great importance that trees have on people.

“When we received the request for the donation we did not hesitate because we know the numerous advantages that trees have. These trees purify the air that we breathe and also help to maintain the climate,” Mwafulirwa said.