MACRA has donated MK50,000,000 to the Department of Disaster Management Affairs (DODMA) to assist victims of Tropical cyclone Freddy which hit the Southern region of Malawi.

DODMA is a government departed mandated to coordinate and direct the implementation of disaster risk management programmes in Malawi.Presenting the cheque to DODMA, MACRA Board Chairperson Dr. Stanely Khaila said the authority is concerned with the disaster which has resulted in the loss of lives, and property.“As MACRA, we have a responsibility to do something about the situation and help the survivors.

Dr. Khaila speaking before making the donation

“We are confident that DODMA will not misuse the resources but that it will channel the resources to the right cause so that we reach out to many people,” Dr. Khaila said.In his response, Director of Preparedness and Response Reverend Moses Chimphepo assured MACRA that the monetary donation will be used to purchase food which is the first need for the victims.

MACRA DG assisting the Board Chairperson presenting the dummy cheque to Rev. Chimphepo (second from right)

“We will channel this money straight to the procurement of food for the survivors. After our first assessment, we will come up with a report and we urge you MACRA to get hold of the report and how else you can assist us,” Rev. Chimphepo said.

Over 300 people have died while over 700 have been injured and over 90,000 have been displaced.