MACRA and FM Band Refarming Task Force Conducts a Consultation Meeting in the ongoing FM Band Refarming Exercise

MACRA and FM Band Refarming Task Force today conducted a consultation meeting with representatives of different Media Houses in the ongoing FM Band Refarming exercise. The refarming exercise which is being conducted through a taskforce comprising MACRA staff and engineers from the broadcasting industry is expected to be finalized by December 2023.

Director of Telecommunications Mr. Edward Kauka addressing the broadcasters during the meeting
Chairperson of the FM Band Refarming Mr. Haswel Solomon (left) responding to questions from participants

It is aimed at providing a long-lasting solution to the challenges the broadcasting industry in Malawi has been experiencing. Malawi’s broadcasting industry has been experiencing challenges of frequency hoarding, failure to pay for frequencies and depletion of frequencies in all the cities.

Spectrum Planning Manager Mr. Dereck Kondwani (right) stressing a point