Local experts meet ahead of WRC2023

Experts from government implementing agencies and the telecommunication and broadcasting sectors met in Lilongwe in preparation for the World Radio Conference (WRC 23).

The committee, which is led by MACRA, formulated national positions on the use of frequencies in preparation for the next WRC.

Speaking at the meeting MACRA’s deputy director of Spectrum Management Patrick Musiyapo said the committee was being oriented on the process and being introduced to WRC 23 frequency issues.

“Considering the importance of ICT in our nation, MACRA has thought of changing the way preparations are made to these conferences. It has therefore thought of including a bigger group of experts which include engineers and experts to formulate national positions as these have the potential to affect the lives of our people and the nation at large,” said Musiyapo.

WRC is a global event organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and is held every 4 years with the aim of reviewing and revising radio regulations, international treaties and governing the use of the radio-frequency spectrum.