Form one student emerges winner of the 2021 Letter Writing Competition

A form one student from Bwaila Secondary School Chanju Phiri has won a gold medal in this year’s Letter Writing competition beating over 60 other students.

The prize presentation ceremony took place on 27 September 2021 at the school in Lilongwe.
Chrisalom Chinthu Phiri of Pladour Private Primary School went away with a silver medal while Chrispine Makata of Star Private Primary School got a bronze medal.

All students are from Blantyre.

Apart from the medals, all the three winners went away with laptops, laptop bags and assorted MACRA branded materials.

Winning schools received assorted students text books.

This year’s theme was “Write a letter to a family member about your experience of COVID-19”.

MACRA organized the competition as part of the International Letter Writing Competition for Young People aged between 9 and 15.

This is an annual competition organized by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), a specialized agency of the United Nations on postal matters, based in Switzerland.

The competition is part of the activities on World Post Day which falls on 9th October every year.

Principal Secretary for Education Chikondano Mussa was the guest of honour at the event.