CSR for a purpose: MACRA plants 12 thousand trees

MACRA recently joined in the tree planting exercise for this year which was launched by the state president HE Dr. Lazarus Chakwera under the theme “trees and forests for improved health and wellbeing”.

Keeping in line with the theme MACRA has planted a total of 2000 grafted fruits that take a minimum of 2 years to sprout and start bearing fruit and 10,000 trees in the districts of Rumphi and Dowa respectively.

In order to ensure the success of the exercise, the trees were planted around Chikwawa primary school in Rumphi and Kabwinja primary school in Dowa, Madisi.

MACRA board director Alekeni Menyani leading the tree planting exercise in Rumphi district at Chikwawa primary school
some of grafted fruit trees
MACRA board director Mrs Malla Kawale handing over the tree seedling to Dowa district council
acting director general for MACRA Henry Silika doing his part