Where do I go to register ?

Go to the phone company where you bought the sim card or its agents and distributors within your area.

How many phones can I register?

As many as you want as long as they are under your name.

What are the acceptable documents ?
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • National ID
  • Voters registration card
When is the deadline ?

The process is on-going. a fixed deadline has not been set.

Who is supposed to register ?
  • Anyone with a sim card
  • Minors will be registered by their parents.
  • The sick, the old who cannot manage to walk to registration centers and those outside the country will be registered by someone after presentation of their identities.
What are the consequences if I register on behalf of someone ?

You inherit the responsibility and ownership. You will be held accountable for any wrong activity on the sim card.

Can someone register on behalf of others ?

Do not give your details to anyone to register on your behalf

Keep your information and only give it to the phone company or its designated agent.

Those asking to register on your behalf are thieves

If you give your information to them they will steal using your information and you will be in trouble.

What will happen if I don't register ?

The process has been suspended but phone operators are still registering numbers, however when the process resumes and you have not registered your card, your number will be barred from the network. This means you will not be able to use your phone until you register.

Do I need to pay for registration?

NO! Registration is free

I already registered with TNM Mpamba and Airtel Money. Do I need to register again?

Yes, every customer who is on Mpamba or Airtel money still needs to register their number with their various service providers.

Why is it important to have my sim card registered
  • Prevent sim boxing
  • Help recover stolen phones
  • Protection from hate texts, threats and incitation of violence
  • Create a conducive environment for all phone users and instill discipline in those that abuse phones.
  • Help law enforcers’ track down criminals who use phones for illegal activities.
  • Curb fraud and theft that occurs through the use of phones.


How do I become a certified radio station in Malawi ?

Pay up and create your license