The Procurement Department is one of the support functions within MACRA’s structure. The department is within the Executive Directorate and therefore reports to the Director General’s office. 

The functions of the department are to ensure effective, efficient and smooth running of MACRA’s operations and programmes through the provision of procurement services for both goods and services with the aim of driving both direct and indirect cost savings through modern procurement, inventory, logistics and contract management practices and procedures.

The department is also responsible for the general maintenance of MACRA assets to ensure that all requirements for operations are obtained at the right time and of the right quantity and that they are obtained in the most cost effective and efficient manner in line with government policies and procedures as MACRA is a government institution.



This department falls under the Executive Directorate and headed by a manager who reports to the Director General. The following are its functions:  

Media Relations

Public Relations

Crisis Communication

Employee Communications

Internal Audit

Economic Affairs Directorate


International Relations

The department has the responsibility of building relations with international organizations where MACRA is affiliated.

UN AffiliateInternational Telecommunications Union
Universal Postal Union
AU AffiliateAfrican Telecommunication Union
Pan African Postal Union
Commonwealth Telecommunications OrganisationCommonwealth Broadcasting Association
Association of Regulators of Information and Communications for Eastern and Southern Africa-ARICEA.
Africa Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute – AFRALTI