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Administration Department

The department is responsible for the custody of all resources and assets owned by MACRA. The department is responsible for safeguarding MACRA assets, ensuring that all assets are well maintained, adequately insured and properly recorded. Read more.


Human Resources Department.

Every regulator requires adequate and skilled human resources who can always adapt to an ever changing ICT sector. The Human resources department is responsible for coordinating the recruitment, development and maintenance of human resources capacity at MACRA. Read more.


The Broadcasting Directorate is responsible for licensing broadcasting services in the country. It also monitors broadcasting stations and enforces rules and regulations as contained in the licences. Read more.


The department is there to manage the financial resources of the Authority by ensuring both timely collection from the operators but also payments to suppliers. The department has the responsibility to invest surplus    resources of the Authority that is after remitting what is due to Government in form of dividends.


The department is also responsible for the production of financial statements and ensuring that they are audited in good time. The requirement is that the audited accounts should be presented to the Auditor General for approval before submitting to Government four months after the year end.


The directorate provides resource management services to technical and other supporting directorates of the Authority. The directorate is headed by the Director of Finance and Administration and some of the major functions include;

  • Development of internal financial controls systems
  • Developing and maintaining the accounting system of the Authority
  • Preparation of financial statements and handling audit assignment
  • Budgeting and budgetary control
  • Advising management and the Board on all financial issues



The Procurement Department is one of the support functions within MACRA’s structure. The department is within the Executive Directorate and therefore reports to the Director General’s office. Read more.



This department falls under the Executive Directorate and headed by a manager who reports to the Director General. The following are its functions:  Read more.

Internal Audit

MACRA Internal Audit Department was established by the board of directors to add value and improve operations. It helps MACRA accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach for evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance process. Read more.

Economic Affairs Directorate


The Economic Affairs Department is aimed at promoting competition, innovation and investment in respect of services and facilities provided in the telecommunication, broadcasting and postal sector whilst promoting universal access to competitive, effective, reliable and affordable services and ensuring a range of diversified quality of services to meet consumer demand. Read more.

Legal Services Directorate


The Legal Directorate comprises of two units, the Consumer Affairs Unit and the Legal Services Unit. The Directorate is led by the Director of Legal Services who also serves as Secretary to the Board of the Authority. Read more.

Consumer Affairs Unit

One of the mandates given to MACRA under section 4 of the Communications Act Cap 68:01 of the Laws of Malawi is Consumer Protection. Read more.


This Directorate oversees regulation of all postal services in the country.


  1. Issuance of licences to all operators
  2. Regulation of tariffs for basic services
  3. Enforcement of regulations to ensure compliance with licence conditions and order in the postal market.
  4. Identification of appropriate technologies, systems and methods for widening access to postal services in rural and disadvantaged areas
  5. Promotion of competition among postal service providers
  6. Implementation of National Postal Policy


Types of Licences

  1. International Commercial Courier Services License Category
  2. International Commercial Courier Services License Category
  3. Domestic Commercial Courier Service License
  4. Domestic (Inter-City) Commercial Courier License
  5. International (PPO) Commercial Courier License




Spectrum Management

Radio Spectrum Management is a process of administering the Radio Spectrum under the framework of international treaties, existing national Law, spectrum policies and associated operational procedures. Read more.