Consumer Affairs

Based on its legal obligations, MACRA has a mandate to be the the protector of consumer rights of users of ICT services in Malawi. MACRA uses the following legal tools when protecting the ICT consumer rights: the Communications Act, Electronic Transactions and Cybersecurity Act, sector Regulations, Rules, Guidelines on Handling ICT Consumers Complaints, individual operating licences, and Service Level Agreements.

MACRA promotes consumer rights by educating the consumers of their rights and obligations deriving from these legal instruments. This is done through various platforms such as radio, television, live debates, panel discussions, and outreach programmes. MACRA also conducts periodical audits on ICT operators on their adherence with legal obligations towards consumers as derived from the above-cited legal instruments.

To protect consumers, MACRA has a further mandate to receives complaints from users of ICT services in Malawi. If as an ICT service consumer, you feel your rights have been infringed on, please call us through Call Centre Toll-Free Number 261, or through Facebook, Email, or walk into any of our offices, you will be assisted.